Wills and Estates

People sometimes shy away from talking about how their estate should be handled after they die. At the Martin Law Group, we help our clients see the value in making your wishes known now, so that the distribution of your assets after death is according to how you want it to be done and not according to how the state will distribution them if you have failed to leave a will.

We also help you with drafting other legal documents, like trusts, that can arrange for asset distribution in a way that will save your heirs taxes at inheritance time and may allow you to control the assets now while you are still living.

Wills and Estates

Documents we prepare for you include your:

  • We make sure your will complies with the laws of your state so that it will not be declared invalid and will stand up against any will challenges.
  • There are many different type of documents we prepare. We will review your financial situation and your desires and draft the best document for your individual needs.
  • Powers of attorney. There are different types, but they involve you appointing someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf, whether financial or medical, when you are unable to make them for yourself. You may limit a power of attorney to a specific period of time, or place no time limitations on it.

For assistance with any document involving your will and estate, contact us at the Martin Law Group. Our office is in Jackson, Mississippi and we serve all people throughout the states of Mississippi and Texas.