Criminal Defense

Just being charged with a criminal offense can have serious consequences. You may lose your job and your reputation will suffer. If you have children and are divorced, or in the process of divorce, issues may come up about custody and visitation.

If you are convicted, you could lose your freedom, be incarcerated in prison for a long period of time and be required to pay a hefty penalty. The risk of conviction is high. That is why you need the help of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Martin Law Group

Our attorneys at the Martin Law Group are committed to working for the best possible outcome, whether that involves negotiation to get the charges dismissed or reduced, or for a lesser penalty. When necessary, we vigorously advocate for you at trial. Just a few of the types of cases we have successfully defended include, but are not limited to:

  • Violent crimes
  • Traffic offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Probation violation

Rights of All Criminal Defendants

No matter what offense you have been charged with, you are entitled to a vigorous defense of all your constitutional rights. This includes:

  • Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable warrantless searches and seizures and for warrants to be based only on probable cause.
  • Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and not to be a witness against yourself. It also provides you the right to due process, which essentially means the proceeding must be fair.
  • Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel, to confront witnesses against you, and to a speedy trial.

It is important that you do not speak to anyone about your case until you have consulted your attorney. This means not to law enforcement, not to your friends and family, and not to cellmates who act like they are experienced and can help.

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