Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: Do I have a right to a speedy trial?

Yes, if you are indicted in Circuit Court in Mississippi the prosecutors have 270 days from the time of arraignment to bring your case to trial.

Question 2: I cannot afford my bond can it be reduced?

In order for an attorney to reduce a bond on a criminal defendant one of the questions that must be answered by the defendant, defendant’s family, and friends is exactly how much can the defendant put up for bond. Until that question can be definitively be answered it is virtually useless for an attorney to file a motion to reduce bond.

Question 3: If I am arrested what do I do?

If the police arrest you, immediately ask to call an attorney. You have a constitutional right to remain silent and speak with an attorney. Remember anything you say can and will be used against you.

Question 4: Can I get a copy of my Motion for Discovery?

Yes, at the Martin Law Group we always provide a copy of your discovery that can be accessed through the client portal.

Question 5: What is the difference between and felony and a misdemeanor?
Generally a felony is a crime punishable by imprisonment of a year or more in jail. A misdemeanor is a crime punishable by imprisonment of less than a year.

Personal Injury

Question 1: How long will it take to settle my claim?

It depends because each case is evaluated differently.  Your injuries, recovery period and the insurance companies willingness or lack thereof to negotiate in good faith are all factors that will determine the length of time it takes to settle your case. The insurance companies would like to settle your claim for less than what it is worth; therefore, sometimes they attempt to prolong your claim in the hopes you will settle for less. However, ways to help the process move along include attending all scheduled medical appointments, preserving all evidence of the accident, staying in close contact with the Martin Law Group and most importantly being patient.

Question 2: How much is my case worth?

Each case is different and will yield different results. There are a number of factors that determine how much a case is worth. This includes your total medical expenses, future medical expenses percentage of fault, past and future loss wages, and the effects the injuries have on your lifestyle. Here at the Martin Law Group we would be delighted to discuss with you all potential damages you are able to recover.

Question 3: How much do you charge in a personal injury matter?

The Martin Law Group does not charge any fees unless a recovery is made on your behalf.

Question 4: Do I need legal representation?

It is suggested that you hire legal counsel. The insurance companies have a staff of adjusters and attorneys that represent their interest which means they are looking to settle your claim for little as possible. Hiring the Martin Law Group will put the insurance companies on notice that we will vigorously defend your interest.

Question 5: Should I sign a release?

Signing a release releases the insurance company from having to pay any further on your claim. In many instances the insurance companies will offer a settlement that does not compensated you completely for your loss. You should always contact an attorney before signing anything. Here at the Martin Law Group we would love to discuss your case with you.